For those who seem to have the same problems and repeatedly ask


Is This a Virus?

Well, I sure hope not. Otherwise my own computer is infested to the brim from playtesting it so much.


But my anti-virus says it's a virus...?

It's a game made inside of GameMaker: Studio. If you've played Nuclear Throne, Hyper Light Drifter, Undertale, or some other game made in GameMaker: Studio, you've played a game that uses the same program as FluffSim.

Ergo, GameMaker: Studio is not a tool for making viruses. It's sandboxed, meaning it has little to no access to your computer's data, aside from creating and loading a save file.

If you trust me and my game enough, just add FluffSim to your anti-virus's exception list.

If you don't trust me, fair enough, just move on with your day.



Absolutely. If you have knowledge of GameMaker's language and installed the free version of GameMaker: Studio, then you can download the source code from the Downloads page and open it up inside of Studio. Excuse my sloppy code and make whatever you want using the games innards.


When are you going to finish fluffsim?

This is a sandbox game. There is no end. There is no finish line. Only more updates.


An error popped up and the game closed! What do I do?

Copy the error and paste it in the comments section under the Contact page. It helps if you explain what you did prior to the error happening.

I'll get back to you asap and attempt to fix the bug, unless it's fixed already. Don't freak out unless it happens repeatedly. Then I'll freak out.


How do I make custom sprites?

Read this tutorial.

Hopefully it will explain everything you need to know to make sprites for the game. If not, ask in the comments section under Contact.

The sprite template pack can be found here: [Download]