This is the official website for the small simulation game titled "FluffSim".
FluffSim is a game focused around the care (or mistreatment) of a small fictional creature known as a "Fluffy". It has several concepts pulled from other simulation games and other creature care games, with a bit of a twist. This sandbox game is in the works, but has the basic concepts and mechanics in play.
In FluffSim, you have the choice to either take care of or mistreat your fluffies. If you care for them, just be aware they are needy and very fragile!



  • 2/3/17 - Version 1.3.0, beta 1, released.
  • 12/3/16 - Title music remastered.
  • 12/3/16 - Website launched.
  • 7/8/16 - Patch 1.2.3 released.
  • 7/7/16 - Patch 1.2.2 released.
  • 7/7/16 - FluffSim Launcher created for easy updating.
  • 7/5/16 - Patch 1.2.1 released.
  • 7/4/16 - Version 1.2 released.


As sculpted over the years by the various image board communities, fluffies are bio-toys created by the fictional company "Hasbio". These toys were then set free by special interest groups to roam the world. However, the fluffies reproduced like wildfire and have now been overseen as pests. While some people care and love fluffies as pets or friends, some people despise fluffies for their terrible feral behavior and nature. Fluffies are typically very weak, fragile creatures that often cannot fend for themselves against any other creature that isn't one of their own.

Fluffies talk in a form of "baby-speak", as they cannot properly enunciate or pronounce various words or phrases. For example, fluffies pronouce the phrase "Hello world" as "Hewwo wowwd", with the letter L and the

letter R being replaced with W.


Fluffies have a rather small vocabulary and refer to objects in a simplistic manner. To you, a lawnmower if most likely just a lawnmover. But to a fluffy, a lawnmover could be "woud scawy munstah", as a lawnmower is indeed loud, and possibly a scary monster to a creature less than 2 feet tall.

Hello! My name is Fireburst. I made this game as a solo project, which started back in 2014. 2014 was a mess, so I never got very far with the project until late 2015. I release updates every now and then. I've made other small games and such which you can find on my Twitter or YouTube pages on the menu hotbar above.
Everything in FluffSim was written and made from scratch, aside from some minor things like fonts and sound effects.
I hope you enjoy the game! - Flare